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Esencial Hogar

Hexagon Silver-Plated Pitcher

Hexagon Silver-Plated Pitcher

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Our Hexagon Silver-Plated Pitcher is the epitome of simple yet elegant design. Our pitcher features a delicate spout and no handles, making it both functional and stylish. It is perfect for serving water, juices, or cocktails. We also envision it beautifully styled on your bar, complemented by other pieces from our collection. 

Our Silver plated collection was designed by Celina with hosting aperitivo in mind. Drawing inspiration from her favorite Murano glasses, whose thin glass and delicate nature sometimes felt too precious for regular use, Celina wanted something equally chic yet more durable. The Hexagon shape is seen throughout the collection, it is simple yet striking. This fresh and timeless design is an essential addition to any home, perfect for both everyday use and special gatherings. 


  • Material: Silver Plated Brass
  • Dimensions: 23 cm H 13 cm Top Diam. | 9 in H 5 in Top Diam. 
  • Care: Hand wash in warm water with a mild liquid dish soap and soft sponge. Do not machine wash or scrub. Dry with a soft silver cloth. For more details on the maintenance of your silver pieces click here. 
  • Pre-Order, Ships by September 2024 

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