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Geranio Stripe Ring Pillow

Geranio Stripe Ring Pillow

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Our Geranio Pillow is hand sewn in El Salvador using our Geranio embroidery, featuring hints of red and green on an ivory, linen cotton blend fabric. This pillow features a thin silk organza ribbon bow used to secure the rings for the ceremony. Ring pillows are often used in weddings to hold the wedding rings during the ceremony.

Our ring pillows can be customized to fit various wedding styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, and are often cherished keepsakes from the special day. They add a touch of sophistication and symbolism to the wedding ceremony, symbolizing the union of two people in love.

  • Color: Ivory, olive & red
  • Dimensions: 8 CM x 8 CM
  • Made to order - Items ship within 2 weeks
  • Customizing available. Email us at for more information. 

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