"Esenciales" - Our Favorite Things Lately

"Esenciales" - Our Favorite Things Lately

At Esencial, our name carries a dual meaning that embodies the heart of our brand. In Spanish, "Esencial" translates to "essential," a term that perfectly encapsulates our dedication to providing the fundamental elements for memorable gatherings. But there's more to it—Esencial is also an anagram of "Es Celina," which means "it's Celina." This personal touch reflects the core values and vision of our founder, Celina.

There are many things that are essential to me, with family and spending quality time together topping the list. Gathering around the table, sharing stories, laughter, and creating cherished memories is a fundamental part of our lives. At Esencial, our mission is to help others create those unforgettable moments around their own tables.

Every week, we'll share with you our "Esenciales" or Essentials of the Week. These posts will highlight the things that inspire and excite us, whether they relate to The Art of the Table or delve into other realms that capture our interest. From exquisite table settings and décor tips to lifestyle inspirations and personal favorites, our goal is to bring you a curated selection of what we love and find essential.

Join us on this journey as we explore the essentials that bring joy, beauty, and connection to our lives. Welcome to Esencial, where every detail matters and every moment counts.


1. Biodance Collagen Face Masks

We are absolutely loving Biodance Collagen Face Masks this week! These masks are suggested for application at the end of your skincare routine, either for 3-4 hours or overnight while you sleep. However, I personally prefer using them in the afternoon while doing computer work, as I find it uncomfortable to sleep with them on.

The results are fantastic—they leave your skin glowing and incredibly hydrated. These masks are also perfect for use before events, provided you have 3-4 hours to spare. Treat yourself to a mini spa experience at home and enjoy the radiant, refreshed skin that follows!

2. Sara & Erin Foster's Podcast, "The World's First Podcast"

This week, we've been thoroughly enjoying Sara & Erin Foster's podcast, "The World's First Podcast," particularly their most recent episode, "I Love Where I Am Now." The dynamic between these two sisters reminds me so much of the relationship I have with my own sister. I find myself laughing out loud while listening to them, but they also inspire with their realness, drive, and incredible energy. Their blend of humor and authenticity makes this podcast a must-listen!

3. The King of Diamonds by Reda Pederson

Recommended by Bradley Agather (@bagather), this book is a captivating dive into the story of high-profile jewel thefts in Dallas during the Swinging Sixties. Dubbed "The King of Diamonds" by the press, the elusive thief managed to evade the police and the FBI for over a decade. The King of Diamonds is a thrilling read that immerses you in the world of glitz, glamour, and mystery, making it a perfect addition to our list of weekly favorites.

4. Presumed Innocent - TV Mini Series on AppleTV

Our latest TV obsession is Presumed Innocent, a gripping mini-series on AppleTV. A horrific murder upends the Chicago prosecuting attorney's office when one of its own is suspected of the crime, leaving the accused fighting to keep his family together. This intense drama is a must-watch, filled with suspense, intrigue, and powerful performances that keep you on the edge of your seat. 


4. Lolita de la Carrera - @lolitadelacarrera 

Lolita de la Carrera curates the best fashion from Latin America and presents them to audiences in different cities through a series of pop-up events. Follow them on social media or sign up to their newsletter to learn more about their upcoming events. 

Save the date: their next event is July 19th in Newport Beach, California! 




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